DUI Attorney in Petoskey MI

If you live in Petoskey and you are facing DUI charges, Ross Hickman Law Office is here to provide you with the defense you want and deserve. We know how difficult it may be for you to face a DUI charge. We will fight for your rights in a court of law to get you the best outcome towards your case. 

At Ross Hickman Law Office, we know that you want to feel secure in your choice of working with us. Due to this, we carefully explain the law and DUI process. We also always provide our Petoskey clients with realistic expectations on what they can expect as an outcome to their case. 

In order to continue providing the best legal advice possible, Ross Hickman Law Office concentrates on working closely with all of our clients in Petoskey to help ensure your case moves forward with amicable results. Contact our offices today at (800) 424-5297, and we will speak about how we can help you with your DUI case. 

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