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A defense strategy is not just about simple wins and losses, a big part  is how the legal game is played. If you were arrested within the Charlevoix area and you need to hire a defense attorney, his or her ability to cross-examine witnesses and make great opening and closing statements are vital if your case ends up going to trial. At Ross Hickman Law Office we believe pretrial actions, which could include motions to suppress evidence or dismiss charges, may actually make or break a case. We work closely with our clients, discussing events and gathering all details pertinent to your defense defense.

At Ross Hickman Law Office, our main goal is to provide you with the representation you deserve to improve your chances of resolving your defense charges. We are trained to analyze and scrutinize every detail of our clients legal matters in Charlevoix. We want to help find the best approach to dealing with, attacking and finding a resolution for your defense matter in as efficient and effective manner as possible. 

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Ross Hickman Law Office puts your needs first when we work towards a common goal for your defense case. Charlevoix are clients have learned that we can provide them with a professional, smart and tough defense in order to have their needs met in a Charlevoix courtroom. Call us at (800) 424-5297, or visit our offices at 295 Thousand Oaks Drive and see how we can further assist you. 

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