Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney: Northern Michigan Students Learn with Inmates

As part of a curriculum focused on criminal justice, students at Northern Michigan University are spending the next 15 weeks working alongside prisoners on a class project. The goal is to break down barriers and put a human face on prisoners. By seeing these inmates as human beings, it helps foster empathy and understanding. It also helps instill confidence in the inmates, showing them that they can do well in upper-level college classes.

The Importance of Empathizing with the Accused

Empathizing with the accused and those convicted of crimes is important for a Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney. In order to effectively represent his or her clients, a lawyer needs to be able to step into the accused’s shoes and explain their position to the jury. Since everyone in America is innocent until proven guilty, it is vital that an attorney offer full-throated representation for even the most heinous charges.

By working closely with prisoners, these students will hopefully build some humanity towards these people. Even those who have been convicted are often just people who made mistakes (sometimes very serious ones) who want to return to society. Unfortunately, by being stigmatized a “criminal,” such a re-entry can be significantly more difficult. By focusing on these people’s humanity, it may possible that we begin to move towards a more humane justice system, one prisoner at a time.

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