OWI on a Lawnmower? A Petosky Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains

Everyone knows that drinking and driving can lead to arrest, but what about drinking and using your riding mower? Some people like to cut their grass and have a few drinks, thinking that they aren’t breaking the law. Unfortunately, riding a lawnmower while intoxicated can result in an OWI, just as driving a car. As a Petosky Criminal Defense Lawyer, clients have come seeking advice after being arrested for OWI for operating a variety of vehicles. No matter what you were driving or riding, the penalties are very serious and require an attorney’s help right away.

Definition of Vehicle from a Petosky Criminal Defense Lawyer

The reason a person can be charged with OWI while operating any vehicle is because in Michigan, the definition of vehicle is very broad, enabling someone to be charged with operating while intoxicated while on a variety of machines, not necessarily driving a car. This means a person can be charged with OWI while operating:

  • Lawnmower
  • Boat
  • Jet ski

The punishment for each of these vehicles is the same as a car, so it is important not to disregard the OWI charge no matter what you were operating. A Petosky Criminal Defense Lawyer can help fight these charges and keep a conviction off your record. Any OWI charge in Michigan carries steep fines, potential jail time, and probation.

If you have been charged with OWI, whether you operating a car, lawnmower, boat, or any type of vehicle, an experienced attorney can be a valuable ally during this difficult time. Ross Hickman Law Office has been helping clients for more than 35 years and understands the help a person needs when being charged with OWI. He will fight to get you the best outcome possible for your particular case and provide the peace of mind that comes from having skilled representation. For a free consultation regarding your OWI, contact a Petosky Criminal Defense Lawyer right away.