Do I Have to Let Police Search my Vehicle? A Gaylord Criminal Defense Lawyer Answers

When people are stopped by police while driving, the officer will often attempt to gain permission to search the vehicle. They may say something like, “Do you mind if I look through the car?” in order to obtain your consent. The driver may be unaware of his or her rights and agree to the search, even if they are in possession of a controlled substance or other contraband. You have the right to refuse this search. If police search your vehicle without your consent or without probable cause, a Gaylord Criminal Defense Lawyer may be able to get any evidence resulting from the search thrown out.
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The Dangers of Talking to Police without a Petoskey Criminal Defense Lawyer

When police interrogate a suspect for a given crime, the suspect has a right to a Petoskey Criminal Defense Lawyer. Some people, however, try to deal with police on their own or worry that requesting an attorney may make them appear guilty. A recent study, however, shows that dangers of this because police use sophisticated interrogation techniques to get confessions, even if the confession is false. Therefore, if you are a suspect in an investigation or are called in for questioning by the police, demand an attorney at your side.Read more

Remaining Silent from a Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney

An interesting story about false confessions in 2013 shows just how important it is to remain silent and request a Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney when being questioned by police. In the cases linked in that story, people served significant jail time (including 38 years in one case and 20 years on death row in another) for crimes they confessed to but did not commit. While many people may read such stories and assume they would never confess to a crime they did not commit, when facing a difficult, lengthy police interrogation it is uncertain how a person would react. By having a lawyer at your side, you can have an expert there to help you during this difficult process.Read more

Petoskey Criminal Defense Lawyer: Driving While Super Drunk

Michigan has stiff DUI/OWI penalties, but they are even more severe if you are caught driving while “super drunk.” This law, passed in 2010, applies to anyone who has a BAC over .17 and features even harsher penalties than a normal DUI. Under a super drunk driving charge, a person’s penalties will be twice as stiff as they would otherwise be. If you face a drunk driving charge and blew .17 or higher, contact a Petoskey Criminal Defense Lawyer right away.Read more

Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney: Possession of Prescription Drugs

Some clients think that because a drug is legal with a doctor’s prescription, the penalties for possession without a prescription are minimal. They are surprised to find that when they are charged with possession of drugs like Xanax or Oxycodone that the penalties are just as severe as controlled substances like meth or cocaine. If you have been charged with possession of prescription drugs, you need to contact a Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.Read more