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Everyone has gotten into a heated argument and said things they didn’t mean. Some of us have even acted out during these arguments in ways that we regret. For most us, after blowing off some steam, we simply move on without punishment. Unfortunately, some people find themselves caught up in the legal system, charged with the serious violent crime of assault.

Being charged with a violent crime in Michigan can have serious consequences, including significant amounts of jail time and a permanent criminal record. With so much to lose, it is important to retain a Northern Michigan assault lawyer as soon as possible after being charged with assault. You can count on me, Attorney Ross Hickman, to represent you.

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What Is Assault?

An assault occurs when someone creates an apprehension of imminent physical danger. For instance, if a person has a gun and they threaten to shoot another person, such a situation may be classified as an assault even if there is no gun shot or other injury involved. Because the victim could reasonably fear for their safety, the person with the gun can be charged with assault.

Penalties for Assault

The penalties for simple assault can be up to 93 days in jail along with fines and probation. If the assault occurred against a family member, the penalties can be even more severe. This crime does not involve a weapon and instead involves only threats of imminent violence.

When a weapon is used or displayed in a threatening manner, this becomes aggravated/felonious assault and it requires a Northern Michigan assault defense attorney’s immediate attention. The penalties for this crime are significantly more severe, including a prison term of four years and a felony conviction on your record.

If the action moved beyond mere threats and a weapon was actually used to commit an assault, the accused will face some of the most serious charges possible in Michigan. Assault with intent to do great bodily harm and assault with intent to commit a felony are both punishable by up to 10 years in jail. Assault with intent to murder can lead to life in prison, putting the accused’s life in the balance.

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Even if a person convicted of assault gets out of jail, the crime will follow them for the rest of their life. Being convicted of a violent crime means that there will be significantly fewer job opportunities available and people will want to disassociate themselves with you. This can make it difficult to get your life back on track and get a second chance. By hiring a qualified Michigan assault attorney, this serious charge can be kept off your record, allowing you to move on with your reputation intact.

My firm, Ross Hickman Law Office, has been handling serious criminal charges for over 35 years. As both a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have seen these cases from both sides of the aisle and know how to best defend against these charges. This helps me provide a capable defense against all criminal charges, including assault.

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