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Michigan has stiff DUI/OWI penalties, but they are even more severe if you are caught driving while “super drunk.” This law, passed in 2010, applies to anyone who has a BAC over .17 and features even harsher penalties than a normal DUI. Under a super drunk driving charge, a person’s penalties will be twice as stiff as they would otherwise be.

If you face a drunk driving charge and blew .17 or higher, I can help defend and protect your rights. As an experienced DUI defense attorney in Northern Michigan, I recognize the impact that a super drunk driving conviction can have on your life. I am prepared to fight tooth and nail to ensure a positive resolution to your case.

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Super Drunk Driving Penalties

For a first-time offender who gets a super drunk DUI and is not involved in an accident, they face penalties that are about twice as severe as a normal DUI/OUI.

Penalties include:

  • 45 days of no driving, 320 days of restricted driving
  • A fine between $200-700
  • Ignition interlock during the restricted driving period

The penalties will be even worse if a person has a prior OUI conviction within the past seven years or causes an injury accident. Because of the possibility of such stiff fines and the loss of driving privileges, it is generally best to speak with an attorney before pleading guilty to this serious charge.

As a Northern Michigan super drunk driving defense attorney, I can examine your case to find any holes in the prosecution’s case. Whether it is faulty chemical testing equipment or an inappropriate search by the police, there may be a way to get these charges significantly reduced or even dropped.

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I have been practicing law for over 35 years and pride myself on providing superior representation for individuals throughout Northern Michigan. If you have a super drunk OUI or any criminal charge, contact me and request a free consultation.

You can reach me at (231) 399-3144. I look forward to hearing your story.

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