Northern Michigan Drug Offenses

If you charged with a drug related offense in Michigan, you need to contact an experienced lawyer right away. The penalties for even simple possession range from a driver’s license suspension (regardless of whether you were driving) up to a year in jail. If you are charged with intent to distribute or manufacturing, the penalties are even more severe.

While the public may be softening somewhat in its attitudes towards drugs, prosecutors are still under pressure to prosecute these cases to the fullest extent of the law. Because they do not want to be seen as soft on crime, they will often push for maximum sentences for those charged with drug crimes. Because of this, it is vital that a person contact a qualified Traverse City drug offenses lawyer right away before speaking to the police. While a police officer may seem like he is trying to work with you, once you have been placed under arrest they are actually working to collect evidence against you. Therefore it is in your best interest to say nothing until you have spoken to a drug crimes lawyer.

Drug crimes in Michigan involve the use, sale, manufacture, or transporting of controlled substances. Because the drug laws in Michigan are strict, people can be charged with drug possession even without knowing there were drugs in the house. An overzealous police officer may arrest everyone in a home that is manufacturing meth, for instance, whether the people in the home were involved in the production or not.

Police also will pressure a defendant to testify against their friends or other drug connections in order to get charges reduced or dropped. Again, no matter how nice the police may be or how tempting their offers may seem, a defendant should ALWAYS speak to a Northern Michigan drug offenses lawyer before trying to make a deal with police. This way, a person can be sure they are being treated fairly by the investigators instead of being manipulated or coerced into confessing.

At Ross Hickman Law Office, we understand how difficult these charges can be. We understand that a person is scared of potential jail time, scared of the criminal record that can have lasting effects, and scared of other punishments such as losing access to student loan money. We will work to aggressively fight all charges against you, offering a vigorous defense that forces the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. With over 30 years of criminal law experience, including time spent as a prosecutor, Ross Hickman Law Office knows exactly how the prosecution intends to prove its case and will fight them tooth and nail.

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