Northern Michigan Property Crimes

Being charged with property crimes in Michigan can mean any number of charges, such as:

  • Home Invasion
  • Larceny
  • Arson
  • Willful and Malicious Destruction of Property

All of these crimes involve being charged with stealing, tampering with, or otherwise destroying another person’s property. Since property rights are one of the bedrocks of this country’s foundation, Michigan takes these charges very seriously and will punish the convicted to the fullest extent of the law.

Home Invasion occurs when someone enters another person’s dwelling without consent in order to commit a crime. The seriousness of home invasion depends on certain factors. Home Invasion in the Third Degree occurs when someone enters a home when no one is present in order to commit a misdemeanor. This is punishable by up to five years in prison. Second Degree Home Invasion occurs when a home is entered with intent to commit a felony, larceny, or assault. This is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. First Degree Home Invasion is when a home is entered to commit a felony, larceny, or assault, AND a person is in the home or the defendant had a weapon. This is an extremely serious charge that carries up to 20 years in prison. No matter the degree, this is a felony charge that requires an experienced Michigan home invasion attorney.

Larceny occurs when someone steals property that is not theirs. The punishment for this crime depends on the value of the goods stolen. For items valued $200-$1,000 (that is not a motor vehicle), it is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. If the property is valued at $1,000-$20,000, then it becomes felony larceny punishable by up to five years in prison. Anything stolen valued at more than $20,000 can result in a ten year prison sentence. These are the penalties for first time offense. If a person has previous convictions of larceny, they will face the next highest punishment for their particular crime. Because of this, it is important to contact an experienced Michigan larceny lawyer to keep this conviction off your record.

Arson is the crime of illegally burning, damaging, or destroying property by fire. The Michigan legislature recently passed a law making penalties for arson even more severe. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arson, penalties range anywhere from 10 years in prison to life. Because of this serious threat to a person’s liberty, the accused should contact a Northern Michigan property crimes lawyer right away.

Willful and Malicious Destruction of Property, otherwise known as vandalism, occurs when someone intentionally destroys property that is not their own. While this is sometimes associated with teenagers causing mischief, the penalties can be severe, depending on the value of the property. Penalties for this crime range from 93 days is prison all the way up to 10 years, along with significant civil penalties. If you or a loved on faces Willful and Malicious Destruction of Property, contact a Traverse City property crimes lawyer immediately to discus your case.

Ross Hickman Law Office has been handling property crime cases for over 30 years as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor. This experience can help you achieve the best outcome possible for your given case. Our office will work tirelessly to build a defense against your particular charges, keeping serious crimes off your record and keeping you out of jail. We will aggressively pursue any and all avenues in finding a defense for your case.

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