Ross helped my daughter in a horrible situation and was able to work with the court system to achieve the best outcome for her circumstances. He was diligent and didn’t stop until the right solution was achieved. I wouldn’t have gotten the personal attention or diligence from any another attorney.

Marie, Central Lake MI

I got pulled over with my friends in my car.  One of them had booze in their coke.  I did not know this. The cops gave me a drunk test and a Breathalyzer and I passed cuz I wasn’t drinking.  Then I got arrested for open intoxicants in a vehicle, cuz my friend had the rum and coke.  Mr. Hickman worked with the court and I got off easy.

William, Mt. Pleasant MI

I was at Torch Lake during the 4th of July at the sandbar.  Everybody was drinking and partying alot.  People were doing all kinds of things!!!  I was walking back to my car and urinated behind a tree. I got arrested for public indecency.  Everyone was doing way worse things than that.  I called Ross right away and he got the whole business dismissed.

Anonymous, Chicago, Il

A number of years ago our family home was destroyed by fire. Fortunately no one was home at the time but we lost everything including my beloved dogs.

To add insult to injury the Michigan State Fire Marshall erroneously determined the cause of the fire was arson. The insurance company refused to pay our damages and I was charged with arson of insured property, a 20 year felony.

Ross arranged an independent investigation by an out of state fire investigator. This investigator discovered serious flaws in the Fire Marshall’s investigation. Ross forced the Fire Marshall to release debris from the fire that was determined to contain gasoline for further examination. Ross worked with a nationally renowned expert who determined what the Fire Marshall thought  was gasoline was really a gas formed by the burning of common household items found in virtually all homes.

All criminal charges were dropped.

Matt C, Houghton Lake, MI