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Facing a criminal charge in Michigan can be a daunting experience. Worrying about your freedom, worrying about your reputation, and worrying how this will affect your life going forward are just a few concerns a person may have after being arrested. This difficult process can be made easier with the help of an experienced and aggressive Northern Michigan criminal defense attorney who will fight for your freedom


Ross Hickman has been practicing criminal law for over 30 years. As a former Antrim County prosecutor, he can see a case from all angles and understand how the prosecution will attempt to prove its case. He also understands how police investigate crimes and how they gather evidence. If the police have mishandled evidence or failed to follow proper procedure, it may be possible to acquire key pieces of evidence deemed for exclusion during trial. Ross is capable of assisting with immediate situations such as investigations by preventing police from coercing you into confessing or offering evidence against yourself.


Through seasoned and extensive experience with criminal law, Ross Hickman offers industry-leading perspective when defending people accused of crimes. With hundreds of cases tried before a jury, he is qualified to assist people accused of a variety of crimes, including:


Ross Hickman Law Office puts forth a valiant approach for committed and effective legal representation a person deserves when facing serious criminal charges. This office will work from Day 1 to find any holes in the prosecution's case, casting reasonable doubt on your guilt. We will work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome possible for your given case.


A good attorney/client relationship is built on trust. That trust is built on a solid foundation of communication and accessibility. At Ross Hickman Law Office, we strive to communicate effectively with our clients, maintaining consistent communication in advising on status of their cases with an open-door policy to address any unanswered questions. This way, they can be sure their case is being handled effectively. No matter how serious a crime a client is charged with, we believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty and will always treat clients with the respect and dignity they deserve.


Some people may worry that a Northern Michigan criminal defense lawyer is too expensive and may choose instead to represent themselves. Unfortunately, in return such individuals usually find all too late that what they saved in attorney's fees equates to a loss of freedom, permanent criminal record, and other adverse consequences. Hiring a Northern Michigan criminal defense lawyer guarantees that you will have a staunch advocate dedicated to one thing and one thing only: ensuring that your constitutional rights are upheld in a court of law. By hiring a Northern Michigan criminal lawyer to offer a vigorous, full-throated defense, there's a greater chance of obtaining a positive result from potential allegations.


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