Remaining Silent from a Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney

An interesting story about false confessions in 2013 shows just how important it is to remain silent and request a Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney when being questioned by police. In the cases linked in that story, people served significant jail time (including 38 years in one case and 20 years on death row in another) for crimes they confessed to but did not commit. While many people may read such stories and assume they would never confess to a crime they did not commit, when facing a difficult, lengthy police interrogation it is uncertain how a person would react. By having a lawyer at your side, you can have an expert there to help you during this difficult process.

Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney on Police Interrogation

Some people worry that requesting an attorney will make them seem guilty. They also listen to police (who may seem friendly) who tell them that if they cooperate, the charges will be lessened. Whether you are guilty or innocent is immaterial: once you have been placed under arrest, the police are actively trying to gather evidence against you. This includes trying to get a confession.

In some cases, police will interrogate a person for hours upon hours, not letting them sleep or eat. They will attempt to get a confession however they can, including coercion. If a person does not exercise their right to silence and their right to a Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney, the police will attempt to extract a confession by any means possible.

The police are experts at interrogation. They understand the psychology of a police interrogation and know how to steer the conversation towards a confession. By having Gaylord Criminal Defense Attorney Ross Hickman at your side, you will have an advocate in your corner making sure you do not produce evidence against yourself. If you have been charged with a crime, contact our office right away.